We live in the 21st century where the world is changing faster than a speeding bullet. However developing countries such as Nepal still lack the basic requirement such as, education, employment, technology and services needed to empower their people. When we talk about Hard of Hearing and Deafened (HoH/D) people they are purely neglected in term of fulfillment of needs and services to ensure their equal participation.

Established with the aim of addressing the issues of HoH/D people this organization is dedicated to be one of kind. The young hard of hearing and deafened founding members of this organization have faced the problem of being unheard even today. In order to eliminate such situation for future and current HoH/Dpeople we have started this movement based on the belief that our society should be comprehensive, inclusive and without communication barriers. We are determined to set our footprints as the pioneer organization solely focused on addressing the issues of HoH/D people.


Recent Activities

Collaboration with National Human Rights Commission

On 30th May 2018, SHRUTI in collaboration with National Human Rights Commission organized a workshop titled “Quality Education and Health access of Hard of Hearing people”. It was a dissemination report for the teachers training which was conducted during December 2017 and January 2018. Along with that, SHRUTI also launched a detailed “Teacher Manual for Teaching Students with Hearing loss.”The motive of the session was to highlight the issues of Hard of Hearing along with collecting views regarding the topic with different government bodies- Ministry of Education, Health, Social Welfare. Nevertheless, few of the participants shared their views about Hard of Hearing and how it is depicted in the Nepali Society.

Manual Launch by Hon. Chief Guest Mr.Anup Raj Sharma (NHRC) along with President Neeta Keshary Bhattarai (SHRUTI)

  Other Activities
recent activity

recent activity

Mobile Application Shruti Sanchar

In April 2017, SHRUTI received funding from USAID through IFES to develop a mobile application named SHRUTI Sanchar. The purpose of the application was to provide people who are HoH and deafened people with news updates.

  Other Activities